We Are Nupky.

We Are Nupky.

The Invention Factory

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Our Vision

We design to improve self-esteem through fun activity.

A person who takes action, and changes the world, does so because they know why they are important. At Nupky we believe that by encouraging people to see themselves in the right light, we will create a butterfly effect that will allow thousands of world-changers to blossom. The impact being massive!

Do you believe in our vision? We would love to talk to you!


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The Nupky Family

Our People

Nupky likes passionate craftsmen and women who work together towards a shared vision of social change. Like family.

Our Identity

Nupky designs from an intimately personal problem and works towards an intimately important future. We love to support our fans “Be Better”.

Our Goal

Nupky takes pride in creating quality lifestyle products. We strive for excellence throughout.

Our Process

Nupky is here for fun. We enjoy our work, so that others can enjoy our work.

Our Better Self

Nupky is a fan of self-improvement, and is excited to help it’s family members become better selves.

Our Mantra

“Be Better” – Nupky believes you have one life to learn. Because of this mantra, we are able to learn how to make our work twice as good the next time around.

  • The allure of enjoyment and the temptation of XP points; now that is something that seriously tickles our geek fueled fancy!
    Damn Geeky
  • His design is a powerful conclusion of his research, based on strong premises and flawless intuition. It’s not for nothing that his work was chosen to be presented at the Design Cares exhibition in Helsinki and Eindhoven later this year.
    Dirk Snelders (Visiting & Associate Professor at Aalto University and TU/e)
  • At last you may play music with your face ;) !
  • The visible craftsmanship and humbleness of the objects was strong enough to express the suffering of the objects and the torture they went through.
    Simone de Waart (Founder of Material Sense)
  • Wow, not only sensual projects, but very good video’s too!
    Stoffel Kuenen (Umeå)
  • ...convincing in its design and realization.
    Oscar Raaijmakers (Head Designer: Viktor & Rolf)

Join The Family

Do you believe in our vision?

We are looking for a programming co-founder. A wizard in C++, JUCE , and other coding languages; and excited to be an entrepreneur. Is that you, or someone you know? Drop us a line!

Later we will also be hiring. Think we could have fun working together? We are always looking for people who fit in the Nupky family, and are open to all types of ideas. Heres a few to help:

  • Marketing/Sales

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Back-End Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Operations Manager

  • Firmware Engineer

  • Front-End Engineer

  • Creative Programmer

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